Breaking Through Your Limits

When: March 9 2019

Where: Sheffield, United Kingdom


<p>In the recent race disparity audit commissioned by the UK government, Sheffield was identified as a race disparity challenge area. One of 20 areas in the country where the employment outcome for BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) people is far worse than that of white people.</p>


<p>With a population of 19% BAME people in Sheffield, research suggests that minority ethnic women have been hit hardest by austerity, with black and Asian households having faced the biggest drop in living standards of 19.2% and 20.1% respectively.</p>


<p>We are all aware of the glass ceiling that women face when progessing not just in their careers and businesses, but in society as whole, but BAME women not only have to contend with this, they also have to contend with the double glazed glass ceiling. A double whammy that is thrown at them just because of their minority ethnic status.</p>


<p>The theme for International Women&#39;s Day 2019 is #BalanceforBetter, i.e. better the balance, better the world, and this conference will help to empower you as a BAME woman to break through those limits that keep you playing it small and settling for less than what you deserve.</p>


<p>In particular, you will:-</p>

<li>Absorb the learning from the transformational workshops that will show you how to make changes that positively impact your career, business and life</li>
<li>Be WOW&#39;d by the talks, panel discussions and Q&amp;As from women just like you, who have overcome adversity and challenges and gone on to achieve amazing things. They will share strategies that you can implement for your own success</li>
<li>Be empowered by the sisterhood of women you will meet on the day</li>


<p>As a BAME woman, it is time to break through your limits and STOP letting other people, society and yourself keep you from being all that you can be. As BAME women, is time to reignite your dreams for your careers, businesses and lives. And it is time for BAME women of Sheffield and surrounding areas to rise up and say no longer will we statistically be at the bottom of the socio economic pile, we are taking control of our careers, businesses and lives.</p>


<p>When you register, you will need to select which workshop you want to attend in the morning and which one you want to attend in the afternoon. Workshop details can be found below.</p>


<p>Email Maxine at if you would like one of the limited stalls that are available.</p>

<p>A creche with limited spaces is available for children aged 5 to 12 years old at a cost of &pound;5 per child plus booking fee. Places are offered on a first to register basis.</p>

<p><strong>Schedule for the day</strong></p>

<p>9.30-10.00 Registration</p>

<p>10.00-10.15 Introduction</p>

<p>10.15-10.45 5 Pillars of Personal Power - Carol Stewart</p>

<p>10.45-11.30 Panel discussion and Q&amp;A - Overcoming Challenges and Adversity - Andrea Wallen, Pareece Rose, Judith Denton, Yvette Ankrah MBE, Kia Bing-Davis</p>

<p>11.30-12.00 Break and visit the market place</p>

<p>12.00-13.00 Workshops</p>

<p>14.15-14:30 Energiser</p>

<p>14:30-15:30 Workshops</p>

<p>5:30-16:15 Panel discussion and Q&amp;A - Strategies for Success - Coral Cooper, Steph Edusei, Veronica Broomes, Laura (Loz Loz), Karen May</p>

<p>16:15-16:20 CLOSE</p>

<p>16:20-17:00 Networking and market place</p>

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