No You're Not Going Crazy!

When: February 25 2019

Where: Palm Beach, United States


Ladies of West Palm Beach and its surrounding areas, it's time to take the first step to regaining your sanity and freedom!

Come join me for an informative, encouraging and motivating evening on Monday, February 25th at 7 PM at the Best Western Palm Beach Lakes. You will learn what narcissism is so you can determine for yourself if you are in this type of abusive relationship, whether it be romantic, familial, working, friendly, and/or religious. You will also learn the steps involved to freeing yourself from the manipulation and getting yourself back. Light refreshments will be served (yes, this includes chocolate).

It may have been so long since you've seen the real you that you vaguely remember who she is. She's still inside of you, waiting to come out. Let's go get her - it's time to start living again and be ready for your true God-given purpose!

I'm so looking forward to meeting you, or seeing you again, on February 25th! 

2/25/19 at 7 PM, Best Western Palm Beach Lakes


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