IWD - Geo Music

When: March 8 2019

Where: London, United Kingdom


Stratford Circus Arts Centre, Theatre Square, London, E15 1BX

We're celebrating International Women's Day with live music from urban folk singer Geo, who will be performing songs from her debut album AURA.

AURA brings soulful beauty and lyrical character to the modern music scene with original songs which are set to become contemporary icons, delivered in style by this 'old soul' in a young body.

Geo's music has a range of mood - it’s contemporary, but at the same time ‘old school’. From urban folk to R&B funk to country vibes, she manages to define her own style and keep her originality alive.

Last year she toured in the UK with international dance musical Where Is Home?, working alongside artists from the UK, South Africa, Italy, the USA, the Caribbean and Japan. In February 2019 she will be supporting The Teskey Brothers on their European tour.

For further info visit www.geomusic.org

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