Celebrating success reinforces gender equality

 February 13, 2019

At Somerset College, in the sunny state of Queensland in Australia, female students know exactly what it feels like to grow up in an educational environment that's equal in nature and free from bias.

Somerset College is a leading co-educational school that supports students to build confidence and ambition through the ever-empowering mechanism of sport. The College is a pioneer and leader in educational innovation - and they're very committed to developing engaged global citizens who aspire to excellence, demonstrate integrity and value difference. 

Celebrating the achievements of young women in sport

Somerset College - Women's Day

For International Women's Day, Somerset College actively reflects on the #BalanceforBetter campaign theme and continues to celebrate the outstanding achievements of their Open A Girl's Netball Team who won the prestigious Vicki Wilson Cup. The team was highly committed in their training, ambitious in their focus, and tenacious in the competition to become State Champions. Importantly, they serve as incredible role models for younger girls in the College. Celebrating the success of girls and women in a co-educational environment, reinforces visibility and equality. Netball as a sport provides an incredible opportunity for women to build confidence, leadership and of course fitness.  

Challenging stereotypes, building confidence

At Somerset College, female students are always encouraged and supported to actively participate in some form of competitive sport right from a young age. Through participation in sport, the girls challenge and break stereotypes, they build confidence and ambition, and importantly they develop a strong self-worth - key areas for any young woman.

As a co-educational provider, the College maintains a strong focus on providing an environment where both girls and boys can grow as intellectual equals, aspire as competent equals in sport and the arts, and be respectful equals in their social environments.

"When we all work together, great things happen." 

Craig Bassingthwaighte, Headmaster, Somerset College

How is your school forging a #BalanceforBetter and ensuring equality reigns across genders?



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