A balanced world is a better world

VIDEO: Toora Women Inc. give a global call out to support the IWD 2019 #BalanceforBetter campaign theme

Toora Women's Inc

At Toora Women Inc. it's all go when it comes to giving a global shout-out. They're calling on groups around the world who provide women's support services to actively get behind the IWD 2019 #BalanceforBetter campaign theme to help raise awareness about the challenging issues and trauma that many women face.

As a Friend of IWD, Toora Women Inc. believes that a balanced world is a better world, so they've rallied together their support to remind the world there's still a lot of work to be done if women are to achieve balance and equality.

Safety, respect and choice for women

Toora Women Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation which has been delivering services to women in the Australian Capital Territory and surrounds since the early 1980s. They operate from within the mission of safety, respect and choice for women.

They support women with complex issues who have experienced past or present traumas such as:

  • domestic and sexual violence  
  • the impact of their own or another's drug and alcohol use and/or mental health issues  
  • homelessness or needing support to stay out of the homelessness system and  
  • women in the corrections system

A little help sees a big reward

Did you know that no matter where you are, you can purchase a complete Starter Pack for a woman escaping domestic violence for only $250 AUD. It's easy!

Your donation will be used to help in several areas:

  • provide food and shelter for homeless women
  • support women with the knowledge and living skills to stay free of drugs and alcohol
  • give women, who are facing continual domestic and sexual violence, a safe place to stay until their situation is sorted out
  • provide counselling for any woman who has complex problems in her life
  • make available a case worker to be there when a woman leaves prison and needs the help and resources to return to society

Toora Women Inc. is most grateful for any help you can offer the women they support.

"Targeted effort to help counter violence against women and trauma requires a balanced approach where all genders work collectively to forge better outcomes. Let's all help create a balance for better."

Susan Clarke-Lindfield, Executive Director, Toora Women Inc.

TOORA Susan Clarke Lindfield

Recovery, respect and empowerment

Toora Women Inc's programs range across a variety of settings such as crisis and transitional accommodation, day program, counselling and outreach support, allowing Toora wrap-around support based on individual need.

The organisation delivers these complex services within a human rights and gendered framework. All services are based on a theoretical model of recovery, respect and empowerment. This includes encouraging self-help and reducing the effects of harm related with dependencies.

“It’s difficult to move on and break the cycle of violence, but timely and relevant skilled counselling can make all the difference to the feelings of worthlessness, shame, self-blame, fear and helplessness that family violence can cause. But Toora works to an empowerment model that validates women’s journeys, encourages them to make their own informed choices regarding their treatment, and supports and respects women’s choices," comments Toora Women Inc. Executive Director, Susan Clarke Lindfield.

Did you know ...

  • 16% of their clients are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.
  • 35% of their outreach clients struggle to sustain their tenancies due to housing affordability.
  • 21% of their clients escaping domestic violence are from non-English speaking backgrounds, have no visas and no source of income.
  • 25% of clients in their alcohol and other drug services have an Ice addiction and this is rapidly growing.
  • 21% of their clients are over the age of 45 and this is increasing.
  • 80% of clients in their alcohol and other drug service have experienced domestic violence.

The main reason for women’s homelessness is domestic and family violence. For 34 years, Toora Women Inc has empowered women with complex needs to lead fulfilling lives. There is no crisis domestic violence counselling in the Australian Capital Territory.

How is your group forging a balance for better?

#BalanceforBetter is the 2019 theme of International Women’s Day, highlighting that balance drives a better working world.

What are you doing to create a #BalanceforBetter to show leadership in your community?

Share with us your own International Women's Day 2019 #BalanceforBetter campaign theme activity. 

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