Harness the power of diversity

Graham Chipchase, CEO, Brambles

"The #BalanceforBetter message aligns well with our core values at Brambles. We believe in the power of a truly inclusive and diverse working environment which allows each individual to thrive, grow and succeed.

"Gender diversity is one of the areas of diversity we promote. We work hard to ensure a level playing field for women in all areas of our organisation and believe that a more balanced workforce will provide us with the diversity of thought, skills and experience that we need. This mix of perspectives, approaches and styles helps fuel innovation, growth, agility and robust performance.

"We have made a clear commitment to increasing female representation at Board and Senior leadership level. This carries through into our development efforts: 60% of participants in our recently launched graduate program and over 50% of employees on our Talent Development and Fast Track programs in the last year were female.

"Our people are practical and on the frontline of solving our customers’ challenges. By harnessing the power of diversity we can be better positioned to deliver sustainable supply chain solutions for our customers and to connect people with life’s essentials, every day.

"Put simply, a gender balanced workforce is better for our employees, better for our customers and better for our business".



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