Get vocal about gender equality

Sarah Kirk-Douglas, VP, Global Marketing & Communications, SecureKey Technologies Inc.

"Each year, March 8 reminds us of the strides that Canada has made in working towards gender equality, in and outside of the workplace.

"At SecureKey, inclusion and diversity are values that we live by; we are dedicated to building a team of the brightest minds in the business, inclusive of all genders, ethnicities, ages, sexual orientations and religions.

"Gender equality is not just a label, it’s about the culture of an organization, and it has become a critical part of our business to foster a culture that is welcoming, collaborative and powerful.

"SecureKey, and all other organizations, can continue to make a difference and start a movement by being vocal about the importance of gender equality. By prioritizing gender equality, we can create #BalanceforBetter workplace productivity and engagement, relationships, strategic action, and improve the bottom line – across all industries, ranking and locations.

"The time is now to shift from simply normalizing the conversation around creating an inclusive environment, to normalizing the environment itself."



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