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Neelam Sandhu, Vice President of Business Operations, Office of the CEO, BlackBerry

"BlackBerry is a unique company for many reasons, one being the way it holds a place in the hearts of its employees and customers. I have worked at BlackBerry for ten years and I have often thought about what keeps people attached to the company. It comes down to two key things, the company’s values and the products we build.

"BlackBerry was founded 35 years ago with a mission to “build something special … build important things and have a positive impact on society”.

"BlackBerry’s unrivalled security, our communications innovations, the reliability of our products and the productivity they enable are well-known. What’s more, in today’s evermore connected environment the privacy that we promise is a rare breed and I am proud of how we have stuck to that promise no matter the competition we have faced.

"I am equally proud of the culture that BlackBerry promotes and the company’s leadership lives by. A culture that is committed to being fair, diverse and inclusive and brings out the best work and character in people. We believe that talent and teamwork have no boundaries of gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion. BlackBerry is committed to a workforce that reflects the communities we serve and we are pleased to support a #BalanceforBetter.

"These are the core values that have helped BlackBerry to be successful and live true to our mission for 35 years - #BalanceforBetter."



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