Girls can do anything

For International Women's Day, DreamWorks Animation is reminding girls around the world they have the power to achieve. Ambition, courage, perseverance - girls have many super powers. And these qualities, just like those of boys', are awesome. One powerful character is She-Ra, surrounded by the Princesses of Power. Join She-Ra in fighting the good fight. Be part of helping forge gender equality in the world.

Equality is important and balance must be restored

Many girls do not yet realize the power they have.

Teacher, parents, caregivers - for International Women's Day watch the video above then access the practical She-Ra IWD Video Discussion Guide to stimulate important discussion amongst children. Help foster open mindsets in children, challenge stereotypes and bias, nurture confidence and build self-belief. 

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Teachers, parents, caregivers - check out these fun resources for nurturing and reinforcing important messages in children.

Gender balance is key at Dreamworks Animation

At DreamWorks Animation, women are leading the charge! Dreamworks' She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is all about the power, fierceness, and realness of women. The writing staff is all female and the show is re-imagined by, female cartoonist and animation producer, Noelle Stevenson. Women make up slightly more than 25% of creatives working in animation studios in and around Los Angeles, which is why She-Ra's majority female crew is so important in helping achieve a better balance for women.

Committed to putting women’s storytelling first, the new She-Ra is revolutionary because it celebrates that the majority of the characters are girls and they can achieve their best as well as anybody else can. She-Ra is full of many strong female characters who support each other. They can be flawed and make mistakes and come back together and be stronger together. Ultimately, She-Ra is a show about how different young women step up into leadership roles, learn about themselves, and make a positive difference in each other’s lives and their world.

Show your super power

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