Who Runs the World Dance Workshop

When: March 9 2019

Where: London, United Kingdom


At Your Beat is the UK’s most inclusive dance and fitness company. In just 2 years, AYB has become the class of choice for celebs, models, influencers, fitness industry leaders and hundreds of men and women in London and New York, who want a workout that feels more like a party!


The aim of AYB is to focus on promoting self-love, body confidence and empowering our members to feel sexy and powerful in their own skin, even after they’ve left the dance floor! So, for this year’s International Woman’s Day on the 9th March, AYB will be hosting a 1.5 hour workshop, dancing to strong female artists you know and love. We will be dancing to: Beyonce - Run the world / Cardi B - I Like it / Rihanna - Only Girl


The workshop will also include a talk circle to celebrate the women who inspire us to move as well as discuss what we can do to help each other. So don’t forget to bring a friend that you are running the world with for absolutely no charge at all!

The workshop is for all ages and all genders (because even our boys celebrate women!). The class is also catered towards beginners, so if you haven't danced ever before in your life, this is now your chance to strut it out!


Time: 1:30 – 3:00pm

Location: The Castle Centre, Elephant and Castle

Level: Beginner

Places are limited so book online at www.atyourbeat.com to reserve your spot!

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