A world-changing imperative

Terry Fuller, Chief Executuve, CIWEM

"Our planet faces immense environmental challenges that threaten the existence of life.

"The only way that we will overcome these challenges is by mobilising the talent of humans - talent that transcends any of the ways that we choose to group people including gender, ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation.

"I have an absolute responsibility to lead my organisation to harness this talent by creating places, situations and moments that are accessible and relevant to all.

"The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) has been given a gift. We have gender balance in our membership under the age of 30. Whilst I trust this reflects the culture of our organisation it is largely the product of the sectors that we serve and we are working hard to value this gift by nurturing and retaining our female members.

"We are developing balance in the way we govern, our events and the way we present our self. We are growing our community of mentors to be as diverse as our membership. We are recognising the lives that people have away from their professional ones and value the experiences this brings and we are adapting the ways that we operate.

"Tackling gender imbalance empowers us to tackle all forms of inequity. In doing so we create a culture that is welcoming, respectful, encouraging, supportive and empowering for all people

"I believe it takes the broadest possible range of perspectives and ideas to achieve sustainable management of our world. There is no more powerful reason for equity than this - #BalanceforBetter."



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