#BalanceForBetter across markets

Lesley Marincola, CEO, Angaza

"Millions of women and girls around the world breathe harmful smoke while cooking on open fires and spend hours collecting fuel, like wood. Once the sun sets in locations with unreliable or no access to electricity, women and girls use kerosene lamps to continue their work, or study, by dim, polluting light. These realities pose grim health and economic burdens that are disportionately absorbed by women and girls in emerging markets. Reducing harmful smoke inhalation and time spent collecting fuel allows women to lead healthier lives and have more time to pursue income-generating or educational opportunities.

"To achieve this, Angaza enables access to life-changing products, like solar home lighting systems and clean cookstoves, by making them affordable to families who make less than $2/day. End-user financing for these livelihood necessities also enables women without access to credit or traditional banking services to start on a path to financial inclusion. To date, Angaza has empowered over 5 million people around the world to replace kerosene with clean, reliable solar energy, saving consumers in emerging markets over $100 million.

"Angaza’s commitment to women and gender parity begins in its company headquarters in San Francisco, California and Nairobi, Kenya. We value gender diversity across the organization and are proud that 67% of our C-Suite are women, and 46% of our top leadership positions are filled by women. Angaza’s hiring efforts continually strive to maintain gender balance.As a technology company with a large proportion of engineers, Angaza has hosted a dinner for the SF chapter of Women Who Code, an organization that focuses on mentoring and development for women engineers. The company also highly encourages female applicants across all pillars of the business, including engineering, product, and data science.

"The 2019 International Women’s Day theme of #Balance for Better resonates strongly with Angaza, as we work in both emerging markets and within our workplaces to empower women to reach their fullest potential."



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