Visionary Women: Widows

When: March 29 2019

Where: London, United Kingdom


A crime movie like no other, Steve McQueen’s reimagining of 80s heist series Widows sees Viola Davis lead a group of recently widowed women who are forced to turn to a life of crime after their husbands were killed during a robbery.

Making waves for its powerful performances from the ensemble cast, and the cleverly constructed rare foray of women taking the lead in a male dominated genre, Widows is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that will get your heart pumping from the get-go.

We’re pleased to be screening short film Born Evil, written & produced by Naomi Soneye-Thomas and Directed by Danny Chan, before the main feature. Find out more about our Shorts In The South initiative here.

This film is part of our Visionary Women season, a series of films celebrating Women’s History Month dedicated to showcasing womanhood from across the globe.

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