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Matthew Cossens, General Manager, Aurec Group

"At Aurec Group we believe in #BalanceforBetter and that we can lead the change in championing, developing and celebrating women particularly in the Information Technology field in which we operate.

"We are proud of the steps we have made internally to facilitate a more diverse workforce including leadership team diversity, pay equality, supporting flexible work arrangements, programs to educate our team and raise awareness of gender equality.

"We are driven by 'actions not words' and have a clear commitment to increase leadership pathways, (and encourage women to apply) ensure women have positive role models that inspire them and to engage champions of equality across our business.

"We believe in the impact we can have on our clients externally (ASX 200 and beyond) and that with education, strategic initiatives and action we can bring positive change to these companies and the community. Our action focus has already led to our customers increasing their intake of females into leadership/executive positions to 39% (from 26% in 2018) however our goal is gender balance in both the boardroom and leadership team.

"My commitment as a leader is to be bold and fearless across my workplace, circle of influence and family to drive positive and sustainable change.

"I expect balance, we expect balance, our customers expect balance, the world expects balance! #BalanceforBetter



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