Mesothelioma UK Ladies' Lunch

When: March 8 2019

Where: Manchester, United Kingdom


<p>To coincide with International Womens&#39; Day, national cancer charity Mesothelioma UK, is holding a Ladies&#39; Lunch on Friday 8th March at the Manchester Macdonald Hotel. The event will mark the launch of a new study&nbsp;- Gendered Experiences of Mesothelioma (GEM) study. The study will explore men and women&rsquo;s experiences of mesothelioma (asbestos-related&nbsp;cancer)&nbsp;in order to identify the implications for health, social care and legal practices. Consultation with health and legal professionals indicates that women may have a different experience to men regarding mesothelioma in terms of awareness of the disease, diagnosis, access to treatment and compensation and legal processes.</p>

<p>The event includes a three course meal, raffle and auction, with proceeds going to the charity.</p>

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