A foundational commitment

Darius Adamczyk, CEO, Honeywell

“Supporting Inclusion and Diversity is essential to everything we are trying to accomplish. To be a world-leading technology company, Honeywell must leverage the unique talents, skills, and perspectives of all our employees so that we can have one of the world’s greatest, most diverse, and globally-minded workforces.

“I am very proud of our culture that embraces Inclusion and Diversity, emphasizes a respectful workplace environment, and inspires a passion for performing at a high level while making a big difference in the quality of lives around the world. We are inclusive not only within our ranks but also on our Board. Three of our 11 independent directors are women (including an African-American female), three are Hispanic, and two are non-U.S. citizens.

“Honeywell will always strive to be a company where everyone can feel comfortable and respected, and where everyone has opportunities to advance based on their talents and contributions. That is why I am very proud to be a sponsor of our first-ever Women’s Advancement Program, which launched this year with a focus on the development and sponsorship of our top 50 up-and-coming female leaders, largely in fields traditionally dominated by men.

"We are seeing tremendous contributions from women throughout our global workforce, and we are committed to increasing their proportion within our leadership - #BalanceforBetter.”




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