Empowerment through access

Jessica Grossman, MD, CEO, Medicines360

"Women who have access to the full range of reproductive healthcare resources can better plan for their families, achieve social and economic mobility, and focus on their overall health and well-being. Yet, women disproportionally face challenges in accessing these services compared to men. To make matters worse, access to contraception is threatened daily in this rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

"Now more than ever, women need resources, information and inspiration that keeps them in control of their contraceptive options - and their lives.

"We believe that nothing should stand between a woman and the medicines she needs. Yet, high drug costs have created an unequal system in medicine where only the insured and women who have money can obtain effective forms of birth control. That's incredibly unfair.

"To tackle this issue, Medicines360 has made it our goal to provide 1 million underserved women with highly effective, affordable contraception no matter where they live and how much they make, regardless of their insurance coverage or lack thereof.

"We're creating a #BalanceforBetter by fostering an equitable healthcare system in which all women have full reign of their bodies and future plans. Because we know that when women can avoid unplanned pregnancy, we all benefit.




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