Building a culture of opportunity

Gordon Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Advanced

"Our people are critical to our success, which is why we are building a culture of opportunity and look to employ a high-performing talented and engaged workforce regardless of gender. The behaviours we look for in all our employees are respect, ambition, enthusiasm, and curiosity.

"We have adopted a recruitment process that has moved all hiring decisions to one that is based on potential. We have thrown out the CV as a positive move, to eliminate unconscious bias in the hiring process.

"Through our internal mobility programme, we look to recruit 65% of all vacancies by internal promotion giving employees an opportunity to progress their careers, retain good people and increase the number of women in leadership roles.

"It’s our commitment to think and do things differently, that we believe will enable us to grow a diverse workforce that is relfective of both our communities and customers.

"We hire for potential, pay for performance and develop at pace - #BalanceforBetter.



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