Pioneer human progress

Jean-Sébastien Jacques, CEO, Rio Tinto

"At Rio Tinto, our purpose is to pioneer human progress with a culture that welcomes and encourages new ideas and higher performance. Cultures that do this are also, by definition, inclusive and diverse.

"Today, we have about 48,000 employees that work in about 35 countries. I am pleased that our Executive Committee and Board of Directors reflect this diversity, with women comprising about 25% of both groups, and men and women of multiple nationalities represented.

"To be clear, we are not where we want to be. But we are working hard to do better, in part by bringing more women into our business, and ensuring they have a path to leadership when they get here. In 2018, 36% of our graduate intake were women; we aim to make this 50%. We also have a target to improve the proportion of women in senior management by 2% every year.

"At Rio Tinto, we want a business where every voice matters, and is heard, valued and respected - regardless of the gender you identify with, who you call your partner, the language you speak or the accent you have. For nearly a century and a half, our company has been producing the materials we need to drive human progress. In this century, we know such progress is impossible without fresh new perspectives, and people willing to champion them - diversity and inclusion - #BalanceforBetter."




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