Celebrating Global Impact of Women's in Business & Leadership

When: March 8 2020

Where: Halifax, Canada


International Women's Day: Celebrating the Global Impact of Women in Business and Leadership.

Network for the Empowerment of Women celebrates  social, economic, political and cultural successes, and achievements of women globally with a unique 2-Day event marking International Women’s Day 2020.

The 2-Day workshop series and conference will feature an amazing line up of inspiring speakers, workshop facilitators, and an opportunity to exhibit your business, build cross-cultural and business relationships.  The conference will also provide an opportunity for attendees to learn from leading experts on how to make a meaningful impact in business and leadership.

Businesses and organizations will have the opportunity to build meaningful connections, exhibit their business, and showcase their skills and expertise. The 2-Day workshop series and conference will provide every attendee with tools and tips needed to succeed and excel in business and leadership.

There will be awesome performances and activities to keep all attendees engaged and interactive; and produce an experience that will linger in their memories all year long.

Non-Canadian attendees will need a passport, visas and/or other appropriate documents to attend the event. Interested attendees are encouraged to confirm their passport validity and visa requirements.

Note: Letters of invitation can only be sent to individuals registered for the conference if necessary.

5% of every ticket sold will be donated to Adsum for Women and Children. We believe strongly in supporting other organizations doing incredible works to advance women’s empowerment and gender equality.

Network for the Empowerment of Women is devoted to women succeeding in business and leadership. We provide a safe environment for women of all ages, and from all walks of life to discover, develop, and drive their innermost passions, transforming themselves into visionary entrepreneurs and leaders. We believe in the power of education, equality, and inclusivity.

Network for the Empowerment of Women provides an avenue for community development through the empowerment and growth of women-led entrepreneurship. We stand behind women in business and leadership from the very beginning by encouraging those sparks of creativity, and as they grow and expand in their ventures. We inspire them to embrace change, and help them leverage new opportunities that lead to global transformation and growth in their businesses.

We do this through our educational events that build crucial knowledge, promote inclusiveness, and develop self-purpose. Our firm belief in our mission and vision is what drives us. Each woman’s dream of leading in business and supporting her community is our dream!
Join us for this life changing event!

Email info@empowerment-women.com if you require more information or visit our website @ www.internationalwomen'sdayhfx.com

Tickets and registration for the event are available on the link below:

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