Business education and networking group ShireWomen's first International Women's Day

When: March 6 2020

Where: Caringbah, Australia


ShireWomen is excited to announce its first International Women's Day event.

International Women's Day is the day ShireWomen gets to celebrate the progress it has made since the year before, and inspire and motivate for the year to come.

As the largest business education and networking group in The Shire, ShireWomen has listened to your requests for a ShireWomen hosted IWD event.

ShireWomen has already secured major sponsorship for this event, but will be looking for minor sponsors soon, and has an exciting afternoon planned.

ShireWomen will focus on Inspirational Women who have lead the way for progress, and reflect on the past IWD theme and have some great strategies for the year to come.

The event will include, lunch, drinks, entertainment, dancing, gift bags and fabulous speakers, and most importantly it's all about you - the wonderful and inspirational ShireWomen community.

As this a normal Coffee & Connect day, ShireWomen will be providing members who are on Standard & Premium Memberships $20 off the International Women's Day event ticket AND their usual 30% off.

ShireWomen have booked the top floor of Highfield's Caringbah which seats 200 + people so it's aiming for a big event!

IWD Supporter
IWD Supporter

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