#TalkingTruths - The Future of Female Leadership

When: February 27 2020

Where: York, United Kingdom


Female leaders are working harder than ever before - and facing even more challenges in their roles at work and home.

Issues like:

> Gender Parity
> Barriers to progression
> Isolation in leadership
> Managing work-life balance

That means that the future of female leadership looks far away - and frankly, unappealing.

The reality though, is that we want it to be different.

Female leaders across the globe are ready to step up and create revolutions - leading to true equality within the workplace, more acceptance of gender roles and breaking down the barriers that come with being a leader.

#TalkingTruths Conference has been created so that women who know about the pressure, struggle and judgements in the workplace can share the truths about the struggle, judgement and pressures that women face AND what strategies and actions will make a difference to your workplace.

You will leave feeling supported and empowered so that you can step up and be a better leader, know how to grow your confidence, embrace failures and enhance your wellbeing and resilience.

Lead by Emma Langton, the conference has speakers, panel and sessions that are interactive and transformative so that you leave with practical tips that have you raring to go and feeling inspired to achieve.

>Creating Courageous Conversations so that you have tools and strategies for success.
>Transform your thinking so you can step into self promotion and stop hiding
>Enhance your results by looking at why failure is fundamental from a transformational performance coach who previously directed teams in the tech sector.
>Learn how to balance a career and family from an experience UK Director of Global Leadership roles.
>Advance your learning with the panel discussion on wellbeing in the workplace - what works and what doesn’t.

Why You Need Attend:
Studies show women who support women are more successful in business. Talking truths conference will enable you to improve your performance, lead effectively, grow in confidence and make a positive impact on the professional and personal growth of you and your team, without compromising wellbeing.

Who should attend:
Anyone with a role or interest in supporting women in the workplace including: HR managers/officers; wellbeing officers; senior managers; consultants; trade unions, staff network leads and representative groups.

Where is the event?
The Hilton Hotel, Tower Street, York

What are the timings?
Registration 9:30am
Start 10.00am
Finish 4.00pm

Lunch and refreshments included

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