Taking down the mask of the Good Girl

When: March 8 2020

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands


In celebration of International Women’s day we take down the mask of the good girl. The part of us that is worried about what other people think of us. The part that sacrifices her purpose because she is always there for the people she loves & cares for. The mask that hides our Deep, Raw, Wild and Free.

There is nothing wrong with the good girl inside of us, but when her presence is too strong she takes up the space of our soul’s purpose, The Good girl becomes a distraction when she only acts from what she thinks is the right thing to do, to say or to be.

During this day we call back in our Raw, Wild & Free. We make space for the Woman we are meant to be. Trusting a deeper good inside that is surrendered to the intelligence of life moving through us.

This day will hold you in a warm embrace in which you can get to know yourself without the mask of the good girl.

Surrounded by amazing sisters, we dance & celebrate our Raw, Wild and Free.


The program of this day includes:
- Taking down the mask of your good girl
- Exploring your Raw, Wild and Free Woman
- Explore who you would be when this mask of distraction comes down
- Learning how to consciously share and receive charged energy in conversations.
- Release your wild with African dance & live percussionists
- Experiencing the potential of community
- Global Women’s meditation
- Celebrating the Fullness of you together with amazing sisters
- And much more…

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Bye, Bye Good Girl
I know you want everybody to like you and that makes it scary
To show your bloody dark shaman and not only your light fairy.

I want to show my naked, my blood and my spit.
Not worried what other people might think, not even a little bit.

You want to be available for your loved ones all the time
Which can make “fully following your purpose” feel like a crime.

Dear good girl although you seem like a real good friend
When you are here a part of me cannot fully land.

You cost me my Raw, my Wild and my Free
You cost me the woman I am meant to be.

My raw wild woman stands firm in her call
Heart wide open, radiating the deepest love of all.

No storm can stop what she came here for
No force can prevent her souls purpose to be born.

I am making space for my Raw and Free
The woman that is a “fully landed” me.

Dear Good Girl you are still welcome to move through me
But no longer to hide the raw and real me.

No longer you can be here as a distraction
Because from now I will take full hearted action.

Action on the deep dark calling in me
And yes it’s ok for everyone to see.

Purpose needs the space that has been sacrificed for you
And with that my full palette of colours will shine through.

Good girl It’s time for you to take a break
and let the dark shaman in you awake.

No longer you can be here as a distraction
Because from now I will take full hearted action.

Letting go of this “sweet angel” identity
And share the raw, wild and naked me.

IWD Supporter
IWD Supporter

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