Living with Intention -3rd Annual Women Inspiring Women Conference

When: March 6 2020

Where: Ontario, Canada


Connect Your Mind, Body, Heart & Soul...
Living with Intention
JANUARY 2, 2020-JANUARY 14, 2020

Living with Intention is a 3 Day International Women’s Day Conference & Celebration. The weekend is filled with featured speakers, facilitators, evening socials, catered meals, engaging activities and mindfulness practices. You will be surrounded with like-minded women, gaining insight, inspiration, and just Live, Love, Laughing fun. This is our 3rd Annual Women Inspiring Women Conference which has created positive change in the personal and professional lives of many women both individually and collectively. The goal this year’s Women Inspiring Women Conference is to contribute towards funding a Youth Self-Esteem Weekend for 50 local teenage girls to attend at no cost.

Life is short.
And the older we get, the more this becomes true. Life starts to speed up as we start to watch life pass us by. The Annual Women Inspiring Women is for those who want to make the most of it – to live your best life! Live with Intention! Living  with Intention is a 3+ Day International Women’s Day Conference and Celebration that takes place in the little Northeastern Community of Haileybury, Ontario.  Living with Intention brings good-spirited women together to have fun, gain insight, create community, find inspiration and make meaningful connections. In its 3rd year, Women Inspiring Women is creating a wave of positive change both personally and professionally, as well as individually and collectively. A true Mind ~ Body ~ Heart and Soulful experience. Each day is filled with inspirational speakers, group activities, an opportunity to connect with many women in business, evening socials and good old fashioned fun! As we conclude in Sunday afternoon, you will have that ‘happy feeling’ that comes with taking a chance, and a weekend, to truly live your best life.

Ultimately, I created these Women Inspiring Women in the hopes that it would bring joy, peace and love into women’s lives.  

I’ve been fortunate to have had shared this experience over the last couple of years with incredible women who have shared their stories, experiences and products/services. I bring my experiences to make a meaningful and fun experience, to create new connections, learning, friendships, and laughter.  The effect that Women Inspiring Women has on women’s lives astounds me. The women have shared with me how it has, and continues to spark new and lasting friendships, business partnerships, better health and much happiness.

With every new project there are learning curves and I am thrilled to say that now in its 3rd year, we have incredible plans to transform the Northern College gym into an Oasis. I invite you to join me, and to be a part of this growing community of good-spirited women.  I encourage you to do this one thing for you in 2020, it will be a catalyst for oh so much more to come as it becomes so much more.

Love, Laugh and Live Your Best Life through Mind, Body, Heart and Soul!
Live Your Best Life, be inspired, nurture your body and uplift your soul!  During this 3 day Living with Intention Women Inspiring Women, you will experience all of this and more. Knowledgeable speakers, interactive workshops, movement sessions, and fun socials create this “crazy amazing” and “life-affirming” experience. Both Saturday and Sunday morning begins with a tasty breakfast with your new friends.  You will be engaged, entertained and enlightened throughout the day. Save your seat today and be among us March 6–8, 2020.  Experience first-hand why women are Living with Intention in  Haileybury, Ontario!

This weekend includes meals for both days, social evenings on both Friday and Saturday, full access to all the Speakers, access over 20 vendors and service providers, attendance prizes which includes $1000 in gift certificates.

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