Ladies Night: Superwoman Survival Guide

When: March 2 2020

Where: Wellington, New Zealand


Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it’s you rushing through life like it’s one big emergency, trying to be all things to all people and do everything without burning out.

Like superwoman our schedule is busy and we’re constantly responding to other peoples emergencies, rushing around trying to put out fires and recue others! High achieving women have this drive to do more, or better, to prove ourselves. On top of all this most of us doubt our abilities, worry we’re falling short, get overwhelmed at the amount on our plate and worry we’re not enough.

The higher the expectations we place on ourselves the more unrealistic they’re likely to be – we’re setting ourselves up to fail so it’s no wonder we don’t feel like we’re enough. It also leads to a direct correlation with our feelings of overwhelm and busyness – the more we have to become the more we have to do and then the less time we get to be or do anything that matters!

Our ambition to be superwoman is actually our undoing and once we let go of this need to be perfect what we find is we become better, life becomes manageable and we succeed at what we’re attempting because we’re not setting ourselves up to fail. We embrace who we are and what we have and find the joy in life, we find time for us and the overwhelm disappears. Our schedules start to align with our priorities and we have more choices, we become healthier and happier with more energy and therefore more to give to those that depend on us. We feel less guilt, we don’t spend as much time chasing our tail, we can think clearer, we sleep better and we are enough, as we are.
You already are amazing so stop chasing the myth, its why you feel like you don’t measure up. If we let go of trying to b
e perfect and have it all we might just find out we already do and we already are, life changes for the better and instead of superwoman you become you and no-one is you, that is your power.

Join us for snacks, drinks and inspiring conversation. Get a sneak peak at my brand new book The Superwoman Survival guide and leave empowered and motivated to be amazing, as you are.

We'll be talking top tips to keep you at your best, how to deal with self-doubt, fear, perfectionism and embracing our uniqueness to celebrate our strengths.

Bring your girlfriends and be inspired this International Women's Week.

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