Thrive Like A Girl IWD lunch series

When: March 3 2020

Where: Wellington, New Zealand


Join Author and Coach Jess Stuart for a special series of lunchtime events during International Women's Week!

"Do you want life to feel less crazy, have more time to do the things you enjoy, and get focus and clarity on the things that matter? Isn’t it time to stop worrying what others think, find courage to believe in yourself?" says Jess.

"It’s not just you! It’s what we all want, but as women, it’s so hard to find it amidst the busyness of everyday life and the competing demands on our time. We’ve all been in that boat, myself included. Learning how to navigate those thoughts and feelings was the turning point in my life, and I couldn’t be more excited to share that with you."

In this session you'll look at how, as women, you can thrive both at work and at life. This includes building our resilience and looking after yourself, mastering your mind-set, and learning how stay calm amid the chaos.

Jess give you the tips you need to:

• Discover how to slow down to speed up – battle the busyness and be more productive
• Understand what matters to you and how to do more of it in your life
• Live a more content, calm life
• Improve your wellbeing and confidence
• Master the art of balance and find more time for you

Drinks and snacks provided. Join Jess and network with liked minded women.


Lead by Jess Stuart, International Author, Speaker & Coach with 15 years experience in Human Resources and Senior Leadership roles. She has worked with leadership groups across multiple industries and countries. She combies this with my personal development and coaching work to bring you this event designed to inspire and develop you into the leader you're capable of being.

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IWD Supporter

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