Imposter Syndrome lunch

When: March 4 2020

Where: Wellington, New Zealand


Join us for this special series of lunchtime events during International Women's Week!

Do you feel no matter how hard you work it’s never quite enough? Do you constantly worry what other people will think? Do you tend to avoid taking risks or taking on challenges through fear that you’re not quite capable or ready? Do you hold exceedingly high expectations of yourself and never let yourself away with anything less than perfection?

You’re not alone. These thoughts played continuously in my mind - despite countless promotions - as I worked my way up the ladder. Later, as I sat around leadership tables and connected with groups of other high-level professionals in my Leadership Development work, these thoughts echoed in their minds too.

It’s called Imposter Syndrome and is one of the most popular topics from my second book, Like A Girl. It’s that feeling that one of these days they’re going to realise I’m not cut out for this, I’m not the expert, I’m not the person they think i am, I’m not sure I can do this, one of these days they’ll find out – sound familiar?

It also comes with a side of waving away praise and feeling like any success we do get is just luck or people being nice.

But you can’t let it slow your progress or allow these feelings to prevent you achieving your potential. To succeed, you must learn how to navigate your negativity bias, overcome feelings of self-doubt, build resilience and face these fears to be the person you’re capable of being.

In this session we’ll look at what Imposter Syndrome is, why it effects so many women, and how we can navigate those nagging feelings of self-doubt to be our best and unlock our potential.

I will help you understand the impacts of fear of failure, perfectionism, and our people-pleasing tendencies. This workshop will be a deep dive into the subject and we will work on practical tips to help build self-efficacy and resilience, and we will navigate those feelings of fear and inadequacy for you to take away and apply to your life.

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