Women's Weekend Empower Retreat with Jess Stuart

When: April 3 2020

Where: Wellington, New Zealand


Join Jess Stuart, Author and Coach, on a retreat where you will learn that you don’t have to be perfect to be amazing and you’ll master the art of believing in yourself.

Together you'll uncover your strengths, align your life to your values, and help build your resilience so you can be a more confident and balanced individual.

Get involved in this empowering weekend away if:

• You struggle to celebrate your success or acknowledge your strengths.
• You feel other people overrate you and you worry you’re not as good as people think you are.
• You feel like busyness is a badge of honour and life is one big emergency.
• You’re striving but never quite arriving, feeling overwhelmed by everything on the to-do list.
• You’re getting tired of the juggle, trying to do everything as close to perfect as you can but always feeling like you’re falling short.
• You need to be reminded of what’s truly important in life.

You are amazing as you are – let Jess prove it to you

Escape to the tranquillity of the country, and finally take some well-earned time for yourself. Spend the weekend tapping into my knowledge and secrets for success to believe in yourself and achieve your goals.

Join her for a deep dive into everything that makes you you, reenergise and build confidence in who you are and what you have to offer

Gain the confidence to succeed, as you are, in an engaging, inspiring, and supportive environment.

You will learn that you don’t have to be ‘perfect’ to be amazing, and Jess will teach you to master the art of self belief to minimise the negative self-talk that’s holding you back.

Daily yoga and meditation practices, nutritious food, and the company of like-minded individuals will help you relax, restore and grow.

Are you last on your own list, too busy pleasing others – suffering from superwoman syndrome? Do you feel the need to be more, better, or different simply to be good enough? Is your fear of failing holding you back, making you play it safe? Are you worried what others might think or tired of listening to that negative self-talk?

You’ll come away feeling rested and refreshed, but what’s more, you’ll have a practical plan to take away with you that will put you at the centre of your universe, overcome the overwhelming, be at your best, and thrive in every aspect of life.

This retreat is your chance to learn everything you need to know about how to gain the confidence to succeed without changing who you are, but rather by believing in yourself as you are, in an engaging, inspiring and supportive environment.

Jess believes that tapping into your potential doesn’t mean doing more or changing yourself. It’s uncovering what’s already there and being enough as you are.

"Described as inspiring, articulate and relatable by audiences. Jess has a passion for sharing her knowledge and motivating others with her words."

After this weekend, you will:

• Understand your limiting beliefs and build confidence to succeed
• Learn how to navigate fear and get out of your comfort zone to grow
• Uncover your strengths and celebrate your success to beat self-doubt
• Learn how to build resilience and master your mind-set
• Tame your busy mind to think more clearly and be more calm and effective
• Master the art of slowing down to speed up to overcome feeling overwhelmed
• Discover the tools to give you the confidence to succeed as you are
• Develop your own self-care plan
• Understand and navigate Imposter Syndrome

Your package includes:

• 2 nights’ accommodation
• Facilitated exercises and workshops
• Tools and techniques in managing the inner critic and your negativity bias to stay confident and resilient
• Daily meditation and yoga
• Healthy delicious meals
• Walking and river swimming
• Massage and additional activities available to pre-book (additional costs apply)
• Goody bag to take away with books and online resources to keep you going beyond the retreat
• Time to relax and soak up your environment in a way that suits you

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