AHRI International Women's Day Breakfast Series

When: March 9 2020

Where: Melbourne, Australia


International Women's Day (IWD) continues to be a rallying point for improving the economic, political and social futures of women. Every year, AHRI’s IWD breakfast events bring together HR professionals and business leaders to honour this international celebration of women in four cities across Australia.

Join us for the IWD Breakfast Series 2020 in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane this year.
Registrations now open: www.ahri.com.au/iwd2020

NSW Parliament House, Monday 9 March

RACV Club, Tuesday 10 March

National Gallery of Australia, Wednesday 11 March

Customs House, Thursday 12 March

Speaker: Annabel Crabb, ABC journalist, writer and presenter

Annabel Crabb is one of Australia's most beloved journalists. She is an ABC writer and presenter who has covered Australian politics for 20 years but is also nationally well-known for her insightful and humorous analysis on gender and current affairs.

Annabel has written and presented six seasons of the ABC’s enormously popular Kitchen Cabinet, as well as the groundbreaking documentary series on life inside Parliament – “The House, With Annabel Crabb”. She is also a prolific author focusing on gender parity, with her popular books Men at Work and The Wife Drought. Her latest work argues that true gender equity cannot be achieved "until men are as free to leave the workplace as women are to enter it."

Register now: www.ahri.com.au/iwd2020

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IWD Supporter

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