Gazebo Theatre's 'WANTED' - Queens Hall, Hexam

When: March 5 2020

Where: Hexam, United Kingdom


‘We have to respond to what is happening . The only other option is to ignore it’

WANTED is a new play that employs powerful story telling, spoken word, movement and music and features an  array of historical figures; Irena Sendler,  who rescued more than 2,500 children  from the Warsaw ghetto during the Nazi occupation; Olive Morris, British Black Panther and avid activist for women and squatters’ rights; Phoolan Devi, the fearsome Bandit Queen,  and a woman way ahead of her time, Dr James Barry.

A drama littered with humour, honesty and heart, WANTED is written and performed by Tonia Daley-Campbell, Therese Collins and Pamela Cole-Hudson.

In Celebration & Recognition of Women’s History Month 2020

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