Stronger Together: The Women's Mural Documentation Project

When: March 4 2020

Where: Melbourne, Australia


Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) is holding a panel discussion for International Women's Day on how museums and archives can collaborate to make sure women's voices are remembered and celebrated.

Using the recent Local History Grant winning 'Women’s Mural Documentation Project' as a case study, panelists will examine the positive impact people can make when they combine talents and resources, regardless of whether they're part of a grassroots group or an established institution.

The panel features Danielle Hakim and Sally Northfield from The Women's Mural Documentation Project, and Penelope Lee from Her Place Women’s Museum, Australia.

The event is free and open to the public.

PROV is the archive of the State Government of Victoria. It holds around 100kms of records from 1830 to the present day. Its impressive collection includes records of immigration and shipping, criminal trials and prisons, premiers and governors, royal commissions, boards of inquiry, wills and probates and much more. These records hold stories of the key events and decisions that have shaped the history of the State of Victoria.

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