The opportunities and challenges of professional migrant women in Australia

When: March 12 2020

Where: Melbourne, Australia


The professional Migrant Women Group, is hosting a panel discussion is to explore the opportunities and challenges of professional migrant women in accessing professional jobs and embrace achievements in both work place and society in Australia.


Panel Facilitator: Prabha Bogodaarachchi

Prabha  is a PhD candidate at Monash University, Australia. Inspired by her own experience as a skilled migrant to Australia as a Political Geographer, Prabha was originally interested in studying geopolitics but the social inclusion barriers that she experienced in the early settlement stage in Australia, gave cause to a redirection in her research pursuits.

Panel Member: Majella Curtis

Majella  is an Organisational Development practitioner who is passionate about engaging employees as this increases both individual and team performance and ensures organisational productivity. She is also committed to providing all employees with a safe work environment where they feel valued and included through leading diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Panel Member: Manorani Guy

Manorani has a deep passion for all aspects of international education and during her spare time volunteers for the Victorian Working Group on International Student Employability, a non-profit organisation. She is currently the co-founder/ president and leads a team of 12 professionals who volunteers on the VicWISE committee combined with 60 international student volunteers.

Panel Member: Fabiola Campbell

Fabioa is the founder and principal mentor at the Professional Migrant Women Group, an organisation created with the aim to reduce the gap between migration and professional employment for women in Australia. She believes in creating significant connections that builds strength in our differences, values our uniqueness and includes our rich and culturally diverse community.

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