PEACE International Women’s Day High Tea 2020

When: March 8 2020

Where: Toowoomba, Australia


Join PEACEful Humans Inc to celebrate International Women’s Day High Tea on 8 March 2020 at 10.30am.

PEACE is Positive Empathy and Community Engagement. It is a group of humanitarians who wish to not only discuss, but do – connecting community, building educated conversations and friendships, changing the dialogue from hate speech to understanding.

PEACE is not religiously or politically aligned and has no agenda other than peace and understanding.

PEACE formulates programs to assist our refugees, people seeking asylum, homeless and at risk locals and every-day humans to communicate and freely participate in everything this wonderful region has to offer.

PEACE provides necessary items for community charities, run events and groups and assist in re-homing new Australians, welcoming people into  homes and support networks, with home visits and assistance, with anything from school work to cooking.

PEACE assists our homeless and those less fortunate in its local community by providing ongoing services to local charities and service providers and hosting a variety of free community events. Most of what is provided by PEACE is friendship, security and help to those within its community who need it.

People arriving here without family or social fabrics, people who already live here but who have lost their family and social fabric need, want, ask for someone to be their ‘tribe’, their ‘group’, their ‘friend’ and PEACE provides that and more with positivity, with empathy and with engaging with the established community sectors.

IWD Supporter
IWD Supporter

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