Prime Time for Women Strike the Pose Photoshoot

When: February 19 2020

Where: Hagerstown, United States


This year’s theme, #EachforEqual, encourages each and every woman to reflect on her individual responsibility to live out her power!  Acting individually but working toward the same goal, women can challenge stereotypes, stand against discrimination, say NO to bias, broaden perspectives, and celebrate the incredible accomplishments of women.  In short, women can make the world a better place for all!

Knowing that our sisters around the world will be advocating for and celebrating gender equality, not only on March 8, but every day of 2020, is incredibly empowering!  To view awesome photos of women “striking the pose” visit International Women’s Day and be inspired!

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Prime Time for Women will host IDW Meetups at various restaurants and coffee shops to photograph women “striking the pose” in front of the PTFW banner!  In addition, interested women can participate in a video project by briefly sharing their thoughts on gender equality at these same meetups.  In recognition of family and work commitments and diverse schedules, Prime Time for Women will offer at least 12 opportunities (at least one per month for an entire year) in a variety of locations and at different times.

Please check the Prime Time for Women website or Facebook page for times and locations that works for you!

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IWD Supporter

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