The Art Of Hustling

When: March 8 2020

Where: London, United Kingdom


An afternoon Tea or Cocktail with you favourite women in the business. Life can be challenging for anyone in business but add female, mother, wife to that title and the stress levels and doubt come in thick and fast when trying to push forward. Princess Nyah calls on a few of her friends to come and share tips on Finance, Motivation and self love o help you get the best out of 2020.

Got a business idea and not sure where to start? Thinking of going back into education but have not got a clue on how to balance that and the kids? Maxed out all your credit cards and living hand to mouth?

Then this is the brunch for you. This talk is designed to give you actual steps in getting your soul as close to settled as possible. You not too old, too young, too busy, too tired to change your life. Start now and countdown to financial freedom and complete happiness.

IWD Supporter
IWD Supporter

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