Stronger2Gether IWD Ride

When: March 8 2020

Where: Melville, United States


IWD 2020 celebrates women, their achievements, and what it is to be a woman! This transcends social, economic, cultural, and political barriers. This day is celebrated GLOBALLY to honor females everywhere.

The women of the car, Jeep, and Truck community have always been the innovators and organizers of fundraisers, events and helping our communities.

Historically, the passion of cars that women have had has been at the forefront, but their history hidden in the shadows. Come join Lady Mopars and Ladiez F1rst in holding a ride out showcasing the female car enthusiasts and their accomplishments.

They are fighting the fight of RECOGNITION in the auto community! They are standing up for one another, and supporting each other, despite feelings towards each other.
This isn't about feminism, this is about being QUEENS in a world that depends on us to be the organizers, enthusiasts, and empathetic people we are.
Come join us for a ride out, make a quiet statement, meet some AWESOME women, and enjoy the ride JUST FOR YOU!

IWD Supporter
IWD Supporter

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