Looking After The Girls

When: March 11 2020

Where: Canberra, Australia


An event for International Women's Day celebrated by local Canberra women in one of the city's best locations by Lake Burley Griffin.

Have a little bit of fun, laughs, lunch, and hear what we can individually do to help other women live healthier and more equally across the globe.

Please come along to hear from Ms Gillian Horton of Colleens Lingerie an Swimwear - providing us with a fun insight into "Looking After the Girls" - a slightly comedic double entendre about breast care, and her journey into helping under privileged communities access better support and resources for health and wellbeing.

#Eachforequal is in this case is about how those of us lucky enough to have good standards of living, can support women in rural, remote and international areas without proper healthcare.

IWD Supporter
IWD Supporter

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