International Women’s Day Symposium: Your Health IS Your Wealth

When: March 14 2020

Where: London, United Kingdom


Please join Adanna Women's Support Group for its annual International Women’s Day Symposium.

They will be discussing with expert speakers about just how important your health is and what little things you can do to stay healthy inside and out.

As busy women we often look after ourselves last. This is a very costly mistake in the long run.  The impact of your lifestyle today can lead to problems later in life.

There has been a steady increase in the number of women who get terminal illnesses such as cancer and dementia over the last 5 years. They will be talking about what you can do to prevent this happening to you.

Are you a woman with a passion for health and well being? Why not share your story so other women can learn from you.  Adanna Women's Support Group will have a soapbox session where you can talk about your own experiences and share tips with other women

Join the discussion and share tips and ideas and be empowered to take action to create a new you.

Speakers include: Health Care Professionals, Finance Professionals and much more

Adanna Women's Support Group also have a few table stalls which you can showcase your business or products for just £10.

Contact: Tel: 07906343050


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IWD Supporter

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