Free Workshop on Impostor Syndrome

When: March 11 2020

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands


Do you still feel like you're the wrong person for a task, even after you've done it a thousand times before?

Feelings associated with impostor syndrome can sneak up on us before we realise it is happening. These emotions are a part of a thought cycle that reinforces itself in our minds. Some women may be more susceptible to the effects of impostor syndrome, building an internal mental barrier to achieving their full potential.

Understanding how the cycle works, and how it applies in the context of our own experiences, are keys to exiting its mind trap. This is a participatory workshop that aims to help us recognise personal impostor syndrome trigger points via peer-to-peer discussions.

1. Intro: how do I know if I have impostor syndrome?
2. The impostor syndrome thought cycle
3. Facilitated discussions to identify trigger points, visualised in a collective mind map


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