Women making positive change in the world

Amanda Calder-McLaren, Communications Director, The North Face

 IWD 2020

We are lucky enough to live in a world full of bold, brilliant and beautiful women, who all contribute in their own unique way to improving the lives of others. They are our friends, our colleagues, our family and our future.

For more than fifty years, The North Face has supported women who want to make positive change in the world, helping them reach the highest summits and protect the wild places where we play. The brand is continually striving to do more, to work with more amazingly brave women and to tell more of their stories to inspire others.

The International Women’s Day collection is another step on that journey. From the all-female design team to the all-female factory floor in Jordan, it’s truly a special collection and the creativity, perseverance and strength of each woman involved can be found in every stitch.

Against an uncertain global backdrop, we are proud to bring the stories of Oryana Awaisheh and her team to life, working with our talented team of athletes, activists and artists to help spread their story to the women of the world and inspire others to take their own steps towards positive change.

For me it’s a huge source of excitement, knowing that each t-shirt or bag I see on the street has had an impact on so many women’s lives. Women have achieved so much, big and small and International Women’s Day and this new collection is not just an average cotton t-shirt but it’s a technical one, it’s an opportunity to challenge ourselves to achieve more, to explore further – because we can, and we will. 

So, I’ll be wearing my t-shirt with pride. Happy International Women’s day.



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