Be Bold Celebration

When: July 3 2020

Where: North Port, United States


This is an event created by and for women.  In conjunction with Connecting Hearts and Momma's Inc. Be Bold!

International Women's Day, as its name suggests is a day recognized around the globe, celebrating women's achievements while championing for greater equality, opportunities and empowerment.

Honor some amazing local women, explore current challenges to women and commit as women to empower, embolden and engage women in every walk of life.

Festivities start on Friday Evening at 7 PM as they learn how forgiveness empowers with Dr. Patricia Burden-Evans, enjoy a breakfast inspired Charcuterie Board, compliments of Earth Origins manager, Michelle Richey, Saturday at 9:30 and Sunday at 10.

Magdalena Rodriguez is their speaker and they're pleased to have her join on Saturday.  

There will be vendors and book tables.

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IWD Supporter

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