Step up efforts to mainstream gender into projects

Sir Suma Charkrabarti, President, EBRD

 IWD 2020

While there has been significant progress in promoting equality throughout the world, women in many of our regions still face significant barriers to inclusion and equality.

There are still lending biases against women in our regions, gaps in education and training between men and women, and unfavourable labour and social protection policies which impact women’s economic productivity, income security, and safety.

These issues cannot be solved overnight, and will require us to expand further our Women in Business programme, to increase our policy work across a range of areas (investment climate, care economy), and to substantially step up our efforts to mainstream gender into our projects.

It is a long and laborious process, but we can contribute to gender equality through our operations in a way which has a truly positive impact on the lives of both men and women in our regions.



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