4th Annual Women Inspiring Women Conference

When: March 5 2021

Where: Ontario, Canada


Self-Love: I AM Enough. You ARE Enough.

It's hard to feel like we are enough when we live in a world that tells us we need to be ... thinner, smarter, richer and more successful.

We aren't enough because of anything we have done or will do. We battle the voices in our heads that say we will never be enough. We compare ourselves to the image of others on social media, television and magazines.

So let's refocus as we begin another transformational Women Inspiring Women event.

It’s a weekend of celebration and of let-ting go of things. We are uplifting each other as women!

Things may happen to us but it DOES NOT define who we are as women!

Women Inspiring Women is a 3-Day International Women’s Day Conference & Celebration.

The weekend is filled with featured speakers, facilitators, evening socials, engaging activities and mindfulness practices. You will be surrounded with like-minded women, gaining insight, inspiration, and just Live, Love, Laughing fun.

This is our 4th Annual Women Inspiring Women Conference which has created positive change in the personal and professional lives of many women both individually and collectively.

The goal for this year’s Women Inspiring Women Conference is to contribute towards funding a Youth Self-Esteem Weekend for 50 local teenage girls to attend at no cost (subject to COVID restrictions being lifted in Fall 2021).

Don't miss your opportunity to secure a seat at an event that is sure to not leave you the same as you arrived.

Invite your friends and family to join you. We are ready to unlock your great-est possibilities as we help you under-stand and know "I AM Enough, YOU ARE Enough! “

In our 4th year, we will be expanding this Women Inspiring Women Conference globally. Join us for some incredible inspirational speakers.

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