Undeniably You IWD 2021 event series

When: March 7 2021

Where: Bridgetown, Barbados


03/07 to 03/09

Undeniably You is a series of events focused on crossing the lines between perceived opposites.

A place beyond right or wrong and black and white thinking, a place where acceptance creates leverage and freedom.

For bold and open-minded individuals who are ready to get together to tackle challenging and important subjects in the efforts to work constructively and become stronger by doing so together.


CONNECTION (communication) -  CURIOSITY (Perception) - COURAGE (Vulnerability)

Theme: Rebel Narratives Re-imagined - Men and women boldly owning their strengths and rising stronger, together.

If you're feeling stuck and unhappy about where you are now, it's time to do something different. By stepping out of the lines, you rediscover yourself. Along with all of the goals and ambitions you thought you had long since buried.

This three-day immersive and interactive event focuses on fostering innovative conversations around the importance of unity between men and women is where action, adventure, and true connection is waiting for you. Here is where your story truly begins.

Together we define what it means for men and women to truly rise together through taking extreme personal ownership and reclaiming personal autonomy.

We also explore what would be possible in a world where men and women have the courage to leverage each other's strengths and own their own shadows, all the while standing steadfast in their unique facets of power.

It’s time we challenge our unconscious and limiting beliefs about the opposite sex and release ourselves from the self-imposed confines holding us back from living truly connected, successful, and fully realised lives.

Forget the status quo. If you want to live your life from your vision, you need to start by waking up to who you are.

It's time to step outside the lines. Start thinking for yourself.

This event is designed to feel intense.

The only reason I run an Intensive is to change the world!

That's my mission for every event I run.

Sounds like an impossible goal, right? That's my speciality helping you create impossible goals. There's only one way to change the world.

It's one person at a time…

Michelle Margaret Marques, Undeniable Leader, Author, Coach, and Speaker.
Inna Pearce, Leader, Coach, and Speaker.
Katie Webster, Transformative Coach, Podcast Host, and Speaker.
Sam Adams, The Real Life Coach, Leader, and Speaker.
Andre Bello, Leader, Author, Negotiation Coach, and Speaker
George Connoly, Leader, Politician, and Speaker
Fidel Beauhill, Modern Man Coach, Leader, and Speaker
Dr Seku Gathers, Trauma Coach, Author, Leader, and Speaker

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