#HerCelebration: Let's Celebrate Life virtual celebration

When: March 8 2021

Where: Mumbai, India


"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples." - Mother Teresa.

The words which has changed many life and yet resonates with each being.

Coming, International Women's Day (IWD2021), we at teamNgage will celebrate the month-event.

During these recent times, everyone has been affected in some way or the other due to the pandemic. teamNgage has gauged the need of the time and offering solutions for wellbeing of the people.

We will be hosting the virtual events to mark International Women's Day as a part of the March Celebration.

#HerCelebration- Let's Celebrate Life

The event is curated to help you to celebrate and rejuvenate the person in you.

The Central theme of the event is to complement International Women's Day 2021, which is 'Choose to Challenge'.

We have designed & curated two programmes:

1. Celebrate Her - The event will help to create the happiness quotient, set yourself free and relax.

2. Her Challenge - The event will challenge your thinking, elevate your aspirations and face challenges and more over take you to a Journey of immense determination, grit and mental strength shown by Women.  (5 levels to unlock, #HerChallnege)

As we celebrate women’s achievements, feel motivated and energised while we have fun, we also encourage gender equal world, with a belief that from challenge comes change.

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