Business Chicks Melbourne IWD breakfast

When: March 10 2021

Where: Melbourne, Australia


Some people say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Us? We say it’s International Women’s Day.

After all, it’s when we get to celebrate being us. Being women. We celebrate that, despite all the barriers, the invisible load, gender inequality and discrimination, women still thrive. We fight. We shatter glass ceilings. We stand in solidarity with each other. We find the strength to keep going, no matter what life hurls at us.  

IWD is when we reflect on the past and reimagine the future. And it’s when we hear stories – sometimes uplifting, sometimes heartbreaking, always powerful – from extraordinary women.

This year’s line-up of speakers in Melbourne features the indomitable Kelly Cartwright OAM, Paralympian and motivational speaker; Nyadol Nyuon, lawyer and human-rights activist; and Wendy McCarthy AO, businesswoman, activist and writer.  

Three powerful speakers. Hundreds of Business Chicks. One event to remember. (Oh, and lots of delicious food.)

We’d love you to join us in-person (YES!) for this special International Women’s Day event.  

Meet the speakers

Kelly Cartwright, OAM

When Kelly was 15, she developed a rare, aggressive form of cancer which meant part of her right leg had to be amputated. But that didn’t stop her from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (the first above-knee amputee woman to do so), becoming a world champion in 2012 for long jump and 100m, and scooping two medals – one gold, one silver – at the London 2012 Paralympics. She’s also a popular motivational speaker and stereotype-smashing health and fitness model. Prepare to be inspired.

Nyadol Nyuon

Born and raised in refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya, Nyadol came to Australia as a refugee aged 18 and earned two degrees. She works as a commercial litigator and is a vocal advocate for human rights, multiculturalism and refugees. She’s appeared on ABC’s The Drum and Q&A and contributed to The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, and one of her (many, many) achievements includes winning The Australian Human Rights Commission’s Racism. It Stops With Me Award.  

Wendy McCarthy, AO

The award-winning company director, writer and former deputy chair of the ABC has worked for change across sectors including education, family planning and human rights. Wendy was a founding member of Women’s Electoral Lobby, Chief Executive Women and The Sydney Community Foundation Women’s Fund, and led the successful NSW Pro Choice Alliance campaign to remove abortion from the criminal code. In 2019, The Sydney Morning Herald named Wendy as one of the people defining Australia right now: “[Her] advocacy and passion for women’s rights has spurred a new generation. We wouldn’t be where we are without her.”

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