AfPA IWD 2021 Industry Event

When: March 8 2021

Where: Mosman, Australia


AfPA is committed to inspire, acknowledge and engage women from across the flexible pavement industry, the broader building and construction sector and beyond.

Our event celebrates the achievements of women from our industry and to promote gender diversity, increase awareness and positive action to address barriers facing women in our industry.


Pamela Henderson – Executive Director, Technical Services

Pamela Henderson leads the Technical Services branch within Transport for NSW (TfNSW), which provides Technical standards, specifications and resourcing for development, delivery, operations and maintenance for TfNSW infrastructure projects and assets across NSW.

Pamela joined TfNSW in 2018 as Director, Southern and Western Project Office where she led the development and delivery of road projects in the southern, south western and western parts of regional NSW. This included a range of projects from large and complex bypasses, to bridge strengthening and overtaking lanes. All projects delivered important outcomes for regional NSW.

Her biggest achievement to date was delivering an automated messaging system for life support customers experiencing unplanned power outages, during her time with the energy industry. All seven internal stakeholders consistently said it could not be done with the available technology and legislation. It was delivered in less than three months, with no allocated budget, using the existing technology and capability and some adaptive innovation.

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