Act for Kids: IWD 2021 lunch

When: March 7 2021

Where: Brisbane, Australia


Join us on Sunday 7 March 2021 as we celebrate International Women’s Day.

The luncheon will be held in Brisbane and is a great way to network and engage with likeminded people.

This exciting event is not about ‘burning our bras‘ and screaming ‘Girl Power!!’ – our ancestors did that decades ago!!

Rather, our plan is to celebrate the various roles of women in our community, and to acknowledge and appreciate the challenges, choices and changes that women make every day!

Hosted by Kay McGrath and Kim Skubris, guests will hear engaging stories from our panelists about some of the challenges they have faced in their personal and professional lives, as well as the choices they have made, and how their decisions changed their lives (and possibly the world).

Our panel consists of 5 amazing and inspirational individuals, all of whom have a very unique story.

Maxine Horne (CEO, Vita Group)
Katrina Blowers (Channel 7 personality)
Simone Waugh (Director, Publicis)
Ashley Marshall (Australia Post)
Dr Katrina Lines (CEO, Act for Kids)
The event is sure to surprise and delight! There will be lots of great entertainment and plenty of prizes to be won!

We hope you can all join us – as we celebrate all of the amazing women in our lives.

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