IWD 2021: Shattering Stereotypes

When: March 11 2021

Where: Brighton, United Kingdom


A collection of inspiring stories about shattering stereotypes, driving inclusivity, overcoming social fears and ending gender imbalance.

If IWD events were only ever for women and only women understood what true feminism is, how would we continue to inspire, learn and educate those that identify differently, to drive real change and achieve an inclusive, balanced world?

Under this year's International Women's Day theme of #ChooseToChallenge we have chosen to challenge the stereotypes of IWD events, in the workplace and in society.

And "we" are the teams at marketing company Shake It Up Creative, inclusion consultancy Watch This Sp_ce and Brighton Digital Women.

Everyone is welcome to join us for an upbeat event where you can immerse yourself in stories from a diverse range of speakers.

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