Write Moves weekend digital retreat with Rakhee & Vanio

When: March 20 2021

Where: London, United Kingdom


Write Moves is a 2-day online course (4 sessions over one weekend) as part of Poplar Union's Women in Focus series celebrating International Women’s Day. The workshop is run by practitioners, Rakhee Jasani and Vanio Papadelli. Women of all ages (and anyone identifying as female) are invited to come together and through mindful movement, yoga and writing, explore roots, kinship and belonging.

Write Moves believe that mindful movement, yoga, writing and dance are the perfect tools to find our way through the currently ever-changing circumstances.

You will use your senses to uncover how the women in your past and present, visible and invisible; in your family or those who inspire and influence you are a part of who you are.

Stories will emerge through movement and visualisation and your words and writing may inspire us to move together whilst we’re still in our own separate space.

Through the workshop, you will share your experiences and connect with other women of diverse backgrounds and different generations whilst respecting your boundaries.

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